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Solved: Excel macro to delete last character - Tech Support Guy Forums
I want to remove the last character to make it purely numeric, so I need a macro that will take the cell my cursor is in, edit it and remove the last .

Delete Last Character If It Exists
Feb 18, 2004 . If a cells last character is a forward slash (/), how can you easily delete it via a cell formula? If the last character is not a forward slash (/) it makes .

[SOLVED] How to remove apostrophe from all cells ...
Last seen: 15 weeks 3 days ago . First character in every cell in this document is apostrophe, so Calc hides this . The work-around is to remove apostrophe manually from each cell like deleting this character from cell.

Dotted Decimals

Removing last character in a cell - ExcelBanter
You can then delete the Helper Column. HTH, Elkar "Megadrone" wrote: > I need to remove the last character in a cell. > > Example: > .

Replace last occurence of character in string - Stack Overflow
Is there an easy way in jQuery to replace the last occurence of an '_' (underscore) in a given string? . Is it always the last character of the string? If not . How to replace last two cells values in a table with a string using jquery?

sql server 2008 - Remove trailing ":" character from a row in a SQL ...
What is the fastest / most efficient way to go through each row and remove the last character? I'm thinking there must be a fastest way to do this .

Excel: How do I take the first character of 1 cell and prepend it to ...
Excel: How do I take the first character of 1 cell and prepend it to another cell and . Assuming A1 holds 1st names; B1 Last names . Excel - Best way to graph the change of a cell as a function of the change of another cell .

Excel Function for Last Character - Stack Overflow
Excel Function for Last Character . Excel - Best way to graph the change of a cell as a function of the change of another cell · Excel date to .

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HOW TO: Remove Last Character from String
Mar 10, 2008 . Very often during development process we need to remove last character from a string. It could be a trailing slash or trailing comma resulted as .

Public and Private IP Addresses

RIGHT returns the last character or characters in a text string, based on the number of characters you specify. RIGHTB returns the last character or characters in .

Manipulating Strings - GNU Octave
Return the position of the last occurrence of the character string t in the . s may also be a cell array of strings, in which case the replacement is done for each .

microsoft excel - Macro for helping superscript last character of many ...
Jun 22, 2011 . Currently it's: >enter cell>highlight last character> click on Font box . then do your test for your symbol, then change it to Superscript if it's there.

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[R] removing last element from a character string
Aug 20, 2004 . t<-c("aaab","qqqc") > > >>function(t) ### remove last character (b and c . +298 353900 > Phone(direct): +298 353912 > Mobile: +298 580800 .

Google spreadsheets function list - Google Docs Help
Google Spreadsheets supports cell formulas typically found in most desktop spreadsheet packages. . This function can be used to replace both characters and numbers (which are . Defines the last character or characters in a text string.

Recipes - google-refine - Useful recipes for achieving certain tasks ...
Note that "replace" replaces all instances of that first string in the cell value so see . complicated and the only thing they have in common is a character separator. . This uses smartSplit to find the last word [-1] and then wraps partition to keep .

Excel: TRIM function problem, ascii character code, cell a2
Aug 12, 2009 . ascii character code, cell a2, colums: If I read this correctly, it s simply a question . values - but possibly doing a search and replace on the original column . would return the ascii character code of the last character in cell A2 .

15.11. curses Terminal handling for character-cell displays ...
Return True if the terminal has insert- and delete-character capabilities. . Restore the state of the terminal modes to what it was at the last call to savetty().

Edit / Replace the ' * ' character in Excel - CNET Office ...
The * character is causing me problems, how can I do this? . So Find " =12* " looks for all " =12*(cell references) ", and Replace replaces them .

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Perl 5 by Example: Regular Expressions
translates all a and all b characters into the z character. If the replacement list of characters is shorter than the target list of characters, the last character in the .