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Judges of the Superior Court
She was elected Judge of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania in November 1989 and retained in 1999 and 2009. Judge Ford Elliott became President Judge of .

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Main Page. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania . contact the. Office of the Prothonotary. ©1999-2010 Superior Court of Pennsylvania. All rights reserved.

Superior Court Home - Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System
The Superior Court is one of Pennsylvania's two statewide intermediate appellate courts. This court, which was established in 1895, reviews most of the civil and .

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Superior Court of Pennsylvania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Name, Born, Elected, Party When First Elected, Year of Next Retention Election, Reaches Age 70, Prior Positions and .

Committee of Seventy: Statewide and Local Judicial Offices, 2011 ...
Requirements for Office: Pennsylvania Superior Court judges must be 21 years old, residents of Pennsylvania, and members of the bar of the Pennsylvania .


The Candidate has served as a Superior Court judge since January 2002. . serves on the Pennsylvania Bar Association Appellate Advocacy Committee and is .

Judge; Pennsylvania Superior Court; Democratic Party Election ...
May 17, 2011 . League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizens Education Fund, If you appreciate our service to voters, please consider helping us with a .

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Pennsylvania Superior Court - Judgepedia
Judges. The Pennsylvania Superior Court was initially made up of seven judges that heard all cases together. In 1978, the Pennsylvania .

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Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Robert Freedberg steps down ...
Jan 3, 2012 . Former Northampton County President Judge Robert Freedberg will return to work as a lawyer.

Pennsylvania Superior Court Judges Cheryl Lynn Allen; Judith - Blog
Posts Tagged 'Pennsylvania Superior Court Judges Cheryl Lynn Allen; Judith Ference Olson; and Senior Judge Robert Colville. 25. Jan. 11 .

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FBI — Former Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Sentenced in ...
Mar 10, 2009 . United States Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan announced today that former Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Michael Thomas Joyce of Erie, .

Consumer Price Index—judicial salaries. - Pennsylvania Code
The Court Administrator of Pennsylvania reports that the percentage change in the . (1) The annual salary of a judge of the Superior Court shall be $184282.

Pennsylvania - Follow The Money
Pennsylvania's judicial election are held in odd-numbered years. . Two superior court judges, Judge Seamus McCaffery and Judge Debra Todd, won the two .

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices and Appellate Court Judges ...
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices and Appellate Court Judges. The tables below identify the current Supreme Court justices and the judges of the Superior .

Judge Cheryl Lynn Allen - Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System
Honorable Cheryl Lynn Allen. Term January 2008 - December 2017. Education Pennsylvania State University (B.S.), 1969. University of Pittsburgh School of .

Superior Court Opinions
Pennsylvania Superior Court Reporter's Office. 601 Grant .

Superior Court Judges Home - Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System
Notice to the Public: Justices of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and all judges of the Commonwealth are prohibited by judicial rules of ethics from discussing .

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About the Courts - Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System
Another step up are the intermediate appellate courts, the Superior Court, a general court of appeals with 15 judges, and the Commonwealth Court, a special .